July 28th, 2017

The late, great JOHNNY VOLLMER is considered one of Minnesota’s all-time great fastpitch softball pitchers. He is shown here in 1942 just before he was inducted into the army. Vollmer was inducted into the Minnesota Softball Hall of Fame in 1982. Minneapolis Star Photo / May 4, 1942

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  1. robert vollmer saint paul mn. says:

    johnny vollmer is my father. I would like to see a more detailed paragraph written about him to go along with the 1942 picture you show of him. 9 time MINNESOTA STATE CHAMPION 2 TIME IOWA STATE CHAMPION 1944 1945 4 TIME REGIONALCHAMPION WORLD RUNNER UP 1958 WAS ONCE CLOOCKED AT A UNOFFICAIL 102 MPH. 1,960 WINS 85 LOSES 60 NO HITTERS 5 PERFECT GAMES BEAT EDDY FEIGNER TWICE IN 1959 I WAS THERE AT AGE 7. FATHER WAS

  2. Bob says:

    Thank you Robert, no one could have said it any better about your father than what you just wrote. One of the all time greatest pitcher, not out.

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