Kiwi and converted slowpitch players impressive in NAFA A World Series

Written by Bob on August 19th, 2013

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  1. Tony Peters says:

    Well done Ethan, so proud of you.

  2. Lawrence Vieyra says:

    Good Job Ethan and the Outlaws, way to represent Kansas !

  3. dennis frye says:

    Great Fastball Tourney , Many off the field stories , never have i watched what those who were there this week as a 44 year old Female Pitcher send many Male Hitters back to the dugout ! Fantastic Coverage by Bob Otto as we continue to keep the Fastest Game on Dirt , Front and Center ,,, I feel SAD for the Many Fastpitch fans , players , coaches , sponsers , Media , that missed out on The NAFA experience that GOD Blessed us with !!! Great Weather , Blue Sky Red Letter days and nights .. Maybe next time WE can have Dart Bus system shuttle fans to Softball Complex’ s while they are also driving them to The Stata Fair !!! Great Job by all as once again proving Teamwork makes the dream work !!!

  4. Phillip Easdown says:

    Well done Ethan

  5. Mary Beth Welsch says:

    I have not stopped talking about Ethan and especially his performance against Bowen – a game I scored for NAFA during the tournament. What an impressive young man. He and his teammates were a great bunch of guys to work with. I was impressed with their catcher as well, who not only played well but was just a respectful, nice, young man. My memories of the tournament were enhanced exponentially because of the talent show put on by Ethan Johnston.

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