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  1. doug noble says:

    1.There are 3 Navy teams in this tournament. Varsity Softball was supposed to have ended in around 73 from what I heard. It went to all intramurals. Ron Martinez played with the Sunnyvale team I was with in 74 and 75. He had a brother named Hal Martinez who was with the ISC, in the early 70s according to Ron.
    2.The Navy teams played ASA ball because until around 1980 a team couldn’t play in both the ASA and ISC. Aurora Home Savings won the ISC WT in 1980.
    3. Was there an Arm Forces team in the ASA Nationals after 1972? what year did the Arm Forces team fold?

  2. eric says:

    in 76 a team won a court battle with the ASA and attended in Allentown. Had their large ISC stickers on their jerseys. Carl Davis I think was the sponsor.

  3. Tony Coppin says:

    Hawthorne Hustlers? Had to be 1970 or 1971.

  4. Bob says:

    Thanks for the info Tony. Are you still playing fastpitch? Also wondering how Jim Teninty is doing? I know the Masters no longer play, but wondering if you guys formed a slow pitch team? Good to hear from you. Take care. Bob

  5. Bob says:

    In ’76 St. Paul, Minn. All-American Bar played in the ISC World Tournament, and won it. The ASA had issued a directive saying pitcher Darwin Tolzin was ineligible for the ASA national tournament, so All-American chose to go the ISC route and from that move, the whole Midwest opened up for the ISC. And from that point on, I believe, the ISC World Tournament began eclipsing the ASA Major National as the premiere post-season event in men’s fastpitch.

  6. Ronnie Rupp says:

    I played in several nite hawks 4 th of July tourneys at Joe Rodgers park in LB. The names on that roster had some great players on it. I watched them all play as a kid. I think the tourney started in 1969-1970.

  7. John says:

    this is from 69-70

  8. Mike Newman says:

    Looking at the names, it was before I played (1974). I was lucky enough to have played in the WSC for Willie Farfan, and we actually took 3rd place in the 1980 tournament, beating the Lakewood Jets and LB Nitehawks on Sunday morning, and then losing to a Bakersfield team led by a young pitcher who would go on to fame . . . Peter Meredith.

  9. Mike Newman says:

    I should add that the Vista Bombers won the tournament behind Cary Weiler, beating Bakersfield & Peter Brown twice.

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