Fire blazes dangerously close to Yucaipa

Written by Bob on August 31st, 2009

By BOB OTTO / Yucaipa, CA

YUCAIPA, CA – The Oak Glen fire aka the Yucaipa Fire (since named the Pendleton Fire) burned its way southwest toward Yucaipa and came within 100 yards of Fremont Heights Mobile Home Park late Monday afternoon.

Air tankers and helicopters fought the blaze that started about 3 p.m. with fire retardant material and heavy water drops, but the fire continued to flare up and move southwest at a slow, but steady movement toward the mobile home park located at the edge of the foothills in east Yucaipa.

Fortunately, the wind remained calm through the afternoon with only a slight breeze. Had a strong wind been blowing west, fire fighters would have had trouble preventing the blaze from reaching Fremont Heights.

About 6 p.m. some residents were seen packing their cars and trucks and leaving the mobile home park. It couldn’t be determined if a mandatory evacuation was ordered, but Yucaipa police were seen driving through the park talking with residents.

Meanwhile a fire engine and crew took a stand at the east edge of the mobile home park, while an earth mover cleared brush away from the mobile homes closest to the fire.

Further southeast of Yucaipa, firefighters were making a stand by protecting homes north of Wildwood Canyon Road – located about 7 miles from the city. Fire officials are investigating the Pendleton Fire and have called its origin, suspicious, officials have reported.

Fire fighters are battling blazes on two fronts now, the Oak Glen Fire, which continues to burn and threatens apple orchards, businesses, and homes in the mountain community, northeast of Yucaipa, and now the Pendleton Fire.

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