Friday night football puts our troubles on hold

Written by Bob on September 5th, 2009

Summit and Etiwanda high schools’ played an exciting game won by Etiwanda, 20-17, in the closing minutes, but the game also gave us fans a few hours respite from our cares and worries.
By BOB OTTO / Writer & Photographer

COLONY HIGH SCHOOL, ONTARIO, CA – The news of late has been downright depressing: “Budget deficits expected to reach $9-trillion in 10 years,” “Arson suspected in Oak Glen and Yucaipa fires,” and “Worst downturn (unemployment) in decades.”

Who could blame us if we buried our heads under our pillows and hid from the world in a state of worry and depression?

(To see photo gallery and slide show of the game, click on the gallery link at the end of the story.)

But on Friday nights, we can forget our troubles for a few hours. The start of the high school football season gives us that reprieve. For myself, I can forget what bothers me and photograph some high school football for the Fontana Herald News.

The great thing about football, and other athletic events, is that for a short time everything else in our lives is put on hold while we watch and cheer for our favorite team and athletes.

Or, as in my case, patrol the sidelines and photograph terrific high school athletes playing a sport that many American sports fans eagerly anticipate each fall.

Friday night I photographed the game between evenly matched Sky Hawks of Summit High School of Fontana, and the Eagles of Etiwanda High School of Etiwanda.

Parents and fans rooted for their favorite team, while the coaches coached, athletes performed, and cheerleaders cheered. And for about three hours we collectively suspended our worries, fears, and differences, while we enjoyed a Friday night of exciting high school football.

Oh, by the way, Etiwanda won, 20-17, on a 40-yard touchdown pass from Angel Santiago to Bobby Ratliff with three minutes left in the game. And we also got a pass from that which troubles us during the other six days of the week.

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