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  1. Blair Setford says:

    Bob – Canada has medalled seven times.

  2. Bob says:

    Blair, you are correct. Thank you for the catch. I’ve corrected. Canada has one gold, two silvers, and four bronze, while Japan has a gold, three silvers, and three bronze. It should be a GREAT world championship, and webcast too!

    Blair, will you be going?

    Perhaps you know of some Canadians who played on the junior national team (and USA too) that would like to post their comments on what that experience was like.

  3. Bob says:

    From Mike Ginger: I was fortunate enough to compete in 85 in Fargo. I really thought we were winning gold. NZ had to beat us twice and they got it done. The crowds at michaelson field were fantastic. I believe they estimated 5000 for one of the final games. Besides playing in some great games I was able to meet some awesome people from Rice Lake who picked me up for the tourney. Dale Chrisler did a great job putting us in position to win the gold. Jimmy Seaman, Mark Roberts were a little to much on the mound for us to overcome. The whole experience was one of my unforgettable memories as a kid. I would love to be able to have a reunion one day before we all get to old.

    From Tony Buckley: Mike Roberts, also Jimmy was only 16 yrs old in 85.

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