COLUMN: Softball’s Olympic dreams remain uncertain

Written by Bob on July 9th, 2014


IRVINE, Calif. — There are anthems, flags and, to some degree, national pride involved here this week, where World Cup of Softball IX has relocated in a one-year hiatus from its Oklahoma City home.

And while watching this international event in expanded, 2,000-seat Deanna Manning Stadium — normally the home of CIF championship and national travel ball tournament final games — you can’t help but think that this sport and this atmosphere deserve a bigger, grander stage.

You know, the one with the five interlocking rings. Continue Reading

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  1. Bill Hillhouse says:

    While it’d be wonderful for softball to get back into the games, I am still waiting for Mr Don Porter to explain why teaming with baseball is better than working for the MALE side of his own sport to enter the games. Softball today would not even exist if it wasn’t for men’s fastpitch putting the game on the map. Why is men’s fastpitch in trouble?? Because the very people who are in-charge of the sport don’t support it themselves. It disgusts me.

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