Tyler Bouley named Junior Male Athlete of the Year

Written by Bob on February 5th, 2015

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  1. Tim St. Martin says:

    Tyler, way to represent! I had the pleasure of watching you play 3-4 of those ISF world championship games on the computer, live cast, and you played awesome ball, in all areas of the game! A complete ball player who appeared very focused, yet loose, comfortable, zoned in at the plate, and having some fucking fun! When you returned from Canada, I told a few of the boys to give you a message from me, not sure if anyone passed anything along, but, basically, just wanted to say great job, it was fun watching you do your thing way up der in Canada. 23U champ as well. Nice Start- Rookie !! As long as you always give 100% , no matter the diamond or the jerseys surrounding you, and as long as you always make sure you’re having some fun playing the game, the more you play, the better you will get !! Being on a team that is able to play competitively, with people that you like, definitely will make this game a funner experience for YOU, And that’s what sports and any game should be about, having a little fun. Life is shorter than you think, goes quick. Enjoy every day or night at the park, parking lot included! OK, no more preaching, I assume Bombo or Travis has your phone #. Hope to talk to you soon. I got some steak and lobster at Mancini’s with your name on it, if you’re interested?! = saints

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