U.S. Navy Fastpitch Softball (1962-1970) as remembered by Richard Harkins

Written by Bob on June 2nd, 2015

Courtesy of Richard C. Harkins / former Navy fastpitch player

Ricard “Dick” Harkins was stationed at the Navy Sub Base Point Loma (near San Diego) from 1962 to 1970. He played for the USS Sperry (1962-1963) until it was renamed Sub Flot 1. Under the new command, Harkins played from 1964 to 1970, the remainder of his time stationed there.

He has collected and created an amazing chronicle of Navy fastpitch players stationed at Point Loma during that era entitled: Sub Base San Diego Softball

Legendary military pitchers such as Joe Lynch, Floyd Ashton, Ted Brown, Jim Cheesman, Roy Burlison and Bill Smith…

Catchers such as Bob Petinak, Bob Nelson, Harkins, Chuck Porter, Rick West…

Infielders Kenny Wedemeyer, Jerry Wuest, George Giles…and outfielders Jim Morgan, Chuck Porter, Stan Baker, Arnie Durazo, and many more great Navy stars.

Navy veterans and veterans of the other branches that played fastpitch during their service time will enjoy his recollections. He has even selected his All-Star team from that time.

Just visit the link and take a trip down memory lane with Dick Harkins.

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  1. Jesse Benavidez says:

    I also was picked up by Sub Flot One in 1967 and enjoyed playing the game with the players mentioned by Dick Harkins. Which I continued playing in Texas and went to the ASA National tournament with this Texas team 8 years in a row. George Giles influenced me to continue the game and was selected to the All-American team in college in 1973 and 1974. Coached 33 years in High School and I’m still working with kids in both baseball and softball.

  2. Larry Foster says:

    Hello, my name is David Foster. I am emailing on behalf of my Dad, Larry Foster. He wanted me to send an email to try and connect with you and share some stories and pictures if you would like. He played outfield on the 1965 team in Clearwater all-navy team. Please shoot me an email back and I will get y’all connected. Thank you so much.

  3. Bob says:

    Hi David, I’m traveling now, but my email address is: botto3@verizon.net. Coincidentally, I was in Tampa June 14-17 and tried to contact the Bombers about their pursuit to build a Hall of Fame. Hope that comes about. What a great team Clearwater had. Thanks for contacting me.

  4. Andrew (Andy) Clayton says:

    I was the starting 2nd baseman on the Little Creek Amp. Base, Virginia. The Gators won the All Navy Tournament in both 1966 and 1967. I played on the 1967 team. Our schedule was 87 games and I started and played the whole game in every game. Our record in 1967 was 85 wins and 2 lost. Our two lost where to two fully professional teams where we split a double header winning the first game and loosing the second.

    I had the second highest batting average on the team at .327. After the regular season was over we went to the playoffs to begin the climb up to the All-Navy Championship games to be held down in Texas that year. I won the District Championship game by scoring in the last inning on a suicide squeeze play.

    While sitting on the bench after the game changing my shoes the coach sat down next to me. He said, “Clayton, I don’t know how to tell you this but I’ve been ordered to let you go off of the team. The uppers tell me they expect us to win the All Navy Tournament again this year and they told me there would not be a Marine on an All Navy Team.”

    See I was an E-5 in the Marine Corps and the only Marine on the team. Andy Clayton

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