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Written by Bob on June 27th, 2015

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  1. Michael ineline says:

    played with and against for many years. The greatest of all Time

  2. Bob says:

    Fortunately in my lifetime I was able to see Stofflet pitch in the ASA Major Nationals in Decatur in 1983. And again in the ASA Masters in Las Vegas, 1993 or ’94 I believe.

  3. Tom Ferrante says:

    Interesting I had this conversation yesterday , didn’t know this post was up.
    I faced Ty 3 times 2K’s and a ground out.
    But a better authority would be my good friend and Hall of Fame player Abe “Home Run” Baker Abe played a lot of years, and in every town or city in the US and Canada that had Big Time Softball. We talked a about greatest pitcher many names came yp, because he faced them all. Now Ave was the first non pitcher to win the ASA MVP in the National Tourney. After we tossed some names around best all time pitcher Abe simply said wait Tom, Ty Stofflet hands down end of conversation
    So Abe I’d consider an excellent judge, say Ty. So I have to stick with Abe Bakers selection

  4. Bob says:

    I would have to agree with both you you that Ty is the best. So many have confirmed him as “best ever.” Canada could put up a very good argument that Darren Zack deserves the title too. And I would be willing to split the title best ever in two categories: Stofflet, best left-hander ever, and Zack the best right-hander. But then New Zealand could counter with a stable of great pitchers…Meredith, White, etc…And so the debate goes on. Suffice it too say, they were all great during their particular era dominating the sport.

  5. All great pitchers. 59 innings without an earned run is amazing. There is a good chance that in those days the country’s rep was the national chanmpion from the previous year? Now-a-days they truly national teams. No matter – they are all and were fantastic! It was a pleasure to cover most of those names with the what most consider the greatest fastpitch publication of all time.

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