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  1. chris ramos says:

    Etan, I’am very happy for you. I umpired your games for the outlaws tourneys & in Kansas City. I was the bold head Mexican umpire. When you were pitching in the Chanute tourney, remember I told all the girls about you. Made you a star down there. You are very special young man!! Never ever let anybody talk you into taking drugs. Let the lord talk & guide you. May The Good Lord Bless You. Stay in contact, 913-999-4367. If you are ever close, call me. Just to talk, see how you are doing. I’am still umpiring, will be in the Quad Cities this year for the NAFA World. Take care my friend!!

  2. Gabriel Serrano says:

    Its good to see some recognition for this guy. For people meeting him for the first time he may seem like he has a big head and knows how good he is, but he a very nice person and loves to help. I saw him pitch plenty of times when i played for newton in the summer and being a young pitcher myself( 19 just like him), i asked him for some advice and he helped me and taught me how to throw a rise ball. He is a good man and its good to see him going far.

  3. Paul Haami says:

    Wow is all I can say young Ethan, from a little kid that I coached back at Royals Softball Club Christchurch with your 2 elder siblings you sure have gone a long way and I feel proud too be apart of your journey, well done go hard, enjoy & have fun.

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