We Won The NAFA World Series But We’re Not Telling Fans How We Did It

Written by Bob on August 3rd, 2015

FIFE, Wash. – I checked Alsfastball and fastpitchwest websites and found nothing. I checked the Seattle Invitational website, nothing. I checked the NAFA website, nothing. I checked Facebook and low and behold I finally found out who won the NAFA World Series Open Division in Fife, this weekend.

The Cal-State Builders. Great job fellas, congratulations!

But as for information? Nothing. No score. No winning pitcher. No leading hitters. No recap of the scoring…Nothing!

Now, for the past two days NAFA has been sending me scores with at least the winning pitcher named. (God help us if we should mention key BATTERS who drove in the runs. I mean, you batters don’t want any recognition, do you?)

But with the conclusion of the tournament on Sunday, the information flow from NAFA stopped. And like I said, I couldn’t find anything on Al Doran’s website or Jim Flanagan’s, except for a brief statement about Cal-States’ championship on Fastpitchwest: “details pending.”

On the Seattle Invitational At Fife Facebook, I did find a congratulatory post:

“Congrats to the Cal-state Builders for their 2015 Nafa open championship. And to the Surrey Rebels for winning to Recreation Division final. Good weekend by all the teams. Good luck at Nationals!”

Now, if those 32 words can be written, how difficult would it be to at least mention the score, the winning pitcher, and a key hitter or two who accounted for the runs? How about the final standings with records? Okay, okay, now I know I’m asking way too much.

And we wonder why people unfamiliar with our sport often say in amazement, “men play fastpitch softball? I didn’t know that.”

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  1. eric says:

    Bob-NAFA is so bad their probably equal to the ASA .
    Of, course the ASA pays much more attention to the ladies .

  2. Bob says:

    The score. How can you not publish the score, at the very least? This just amazes me.

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