DNA test for Tassie

Written by Bob on October 7th, 2009

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  1. Bev Davidson says:

    I found out the same with Tippi, our precious little dog from the pound. The dogs have anxiety attacks when left alone. My only alternative was to put her in a kennel when we leave. We even had to put her in the kennel when we were outside snowblowing the driveway, if not there would be something chewed up. I have never had to kennel a dog before but now I am really glad we do, there is never a worry when we are gone. It took about a week before she liked her kennel. Now when we go we just say “we will be right back” and Tippi runs for the kennel. If I ever got another dog after Tippi is gone, the kennel would be their home when we are away. Try it, she will be back being the best dog and you will have no more worries when away or fences to repair.


  2. John Otto says:

    Hi Bob,
    If she was mine, she’d be gone. I know you wouldn’t do that so maybe try some chicken wire about 2 feet high around the base of your fence. You could spray paint it before installing so it would blend into the fence and not look too bad.

  3. Bob says:

    Hi Bev, the “old dog” me has fooled Tassie. I’ve trained her to believe that being chained under our patio (warm, comfortable, with her bed, and a grassy area) is a reward. When I leave, I run to the door with a dog biscuit and say, “Tassie! Who wants a treat?” I open the door and she runs to her chain waiting for me. Then when I return home, I pet her, tell her what a good dog she is and brush her, and give her another treat. It seems to work.

  4. Bob says:

    Hi John, see my reply to Bev. It seems to work.

  5. Bev Davidson says:

    Hi Bob,
    Just checking in on Tassie. Your animal lover fans (especially me) probably want to hear how it’s going with her.


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