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  1. Tony Coppin says:

    They’re going to play on those small fields with those croquet balls?????

  2. Bob says:

    There are fields with longer fences suitable for men’s fastpitch (but with the hard balls and bigger, stronger players in this modern era, those hard balls can fly out for sure). The little kids play on the smaller fields. A lot of work has been done at Noble Creek. A very good facility now.

  3. Ralph Roybal says:

    Thanks to Jesse,Jim and Bobby for putting all the information on their websites regarding the upcoming Bomber tourney.Were just promoting the great game of Fastball to a area where it once thrived.And since most teams play with the Nafa Ball we went with it.Why not try it.Thanks again.Ralph Roybal

  4. Bob says:

    You are very welcome Ralph. Thanks for keeping the sport in the Inland Empire going by keeping your team together.

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