First Day of Summer And The Kid Is Playing Hoops

Written by Bob on June 21st, 2016

120115-BobBasketball.45web Senior or masters basketball has become a popular sport for kids at heart, from baby boomers to those well into their 70s and 80s.

YUCAIPA – I remember as a kid rarely touching a basketball in June. Summers on a Minnesota farm were spent baling hay and cultivating about 220 acres of corn and soybeans from sun up to sun down.

For hardworking farm boys, precious free time for sports was spent in a cow pasture, or freshly baled hay field playing baseball or fast-pitch softball.

Basketball? Not even a thought. It’s a winter sport and in June there’s no snow on the ground.

That was back in my teenage years of the 1960s. Let’s jump ahead 50-plus years to today, the first day of summer. Kids still play baseball and I’m happy about that as my grandson Evan loves the game and plays nearly every day. Which gives me great joy watching and photographing him in action.

But sports long a go abandoned defined seasons. So for kids with a passion for basketball, they play every day for hours on end. And that includes me.

I sometimes slip into “what if” daydreaming. What if I had played basketball year round as a kid, practicing my dribbling, passing and shooting every day. (I didn’t mention defense because anyone who has every played with or against me will vouch, it’s my incurable deficiency.)

Would I have been a better player in high school, the Marine Corps and in college? Of course. Practice always makes for improvement.

But thankfully, though I’m 67, the kid in me now gets to play year round. And that includes the first day of summer. I’m heading to the gym.

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