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    Great article Bob, n o big deal, but our team is Ben s Northern Bar- Eagle Strategies from Luck,Wisconsin,our team is almost all under the age of 25, thanks for recognizing our area. Have a great day

  2. Bob says:

    Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’ve corrected the story. I was glad to recognize your area of the fastpitch world. You guys are certainly doing your part to keep the men’s game going. Kudos for the great job your doing in Wisconsin, that in the latest survey by the ISC, ranks No.1 in the United States in the number of men’s teams.

  3. Ronn Kopp says:

    The article on the Milltown tournament that appears today on Otto In Focus was very good as is befitting the tournament. The Orangemen played often at Milltown in the early 1980s and it was good to go back there.

    Thank you for the opportunity to play at Mellgren Park again. I hope you will have us again in 2017.

  4. Jerry "Chips" Davidsavor says:

    Thank you Cullen for bringing back fastpitch to Milltown. Great league and tourneys at Mellgren Field back in the day. Double headers at 7 & 9 pm. Some pretty good pitchers around like Roger Berg, Brian Olson, Don Potting, Donnie Olsen, Don Bjelland and Don Rud. Mike Newby, Russ Kunze, Bruce and Keith Schmidt to name a few. Won’t forget my playing for the first time against Eddie Feigner in Milltown. Great memories of fastpitch! Thank you Bob for your continued recognition of the game in our area!

  5. Bob says:

    I recognize some of those names…Newby, Kunze, Keith Schmidt (pitched in So. Calif. for a couple years, about ’79-’80, I believe). and I had the privilege of playing against the King and His Court once in Riverside. Keep up the great work in your corner of the fastpitch world.

  6. Cindy Freer-Knops says:

    Cullen is my son and I am so proud that he worked so hard to make this tournament a success. We spent many weekends at ball tournaments as a family when he was young. Cullen grew up loving softball and I am so that he as excelled at being a pitcher and to have his 1 brother playing right along side of him! Kudos to my son & all the die hard fast pitch players and fans for being so dedicated to a sport that does not get the recognition it so deserves!

  7. Mike Groch says:

    Spot on! Great tournament, great teams and competition. All of you did great in that 90 plus degree heat. Would certainly pass flyers out at the Dunning League in St Paul and the West St Paul League for next years tournament. There could easily be 12-14 teams!

    Mike Groch
    Rice Lake Orangemen

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