I’m sitting high on the Favre bandwagon

Written by Bob on October 12th, 2009

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  1. John Otto says:

    I told you it would be worth taking a chance on him. But don’t get too excited, after all it is the Vikings, they will break your heart.

  2. Bob says:

    I said GET to the Super Bowl, not necessarily win. There’s probably some Vikings ghosts of Super Bowls past still lurking around to ruin any thoughts of winning.

  3. Bev Davidson says:

    I am now a football fan. I watched my very first football game from beginning to end when the Vikings played the Packers. It was great!! I finally know what is going on by watching my grandson play football. He was the quarterback too!!

  4. Bob says:

    Maybe the future Brett Favre or Fran Tarkington! The main thing is for him to have fun, enjoy the game, and learn to play the game. Those will be some of the best years of life when he looks back as an adult. I’m still trying to find Charlie’s picture. I’m sure it’s here somewhere.

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