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  1. Gregg Ficarra says:

    A great man with a passion for softball , the outdoors and a never ending love for his family. Miss him everyday.
    Gregg Ficarra
    Trenton State College
    Class of 1977

  2. Russ Smith says:

    What a great honor for a great family man.

  3. Gary Krause says:

    A well deserved honor for a man who had a true love of the game. It was a privilege to be his teammate and friend.

  4. Bill kriston says:

    What a well deserved honor for Doug and his family.I am proud to have known him.

  5. Jay Nelson says:

    Manager/Sponsor/fierce competitor/friend. These are the words I would use to describe Doug. I knew Doug through softball but you can tell a man from how he carries himself so I know he was a tremendous husband and father. Mostly I was an opponent but played with for Doug on occasion. It was an honor to play for and against him. God bless Doug and his family.

  6. Bob says:

    Very thoughtful and heartfelt sentiment Jay, thanks for sharing.

  7. Mike Romeo says:

    This is truly a well-deserved honor for Doug and his family. Doug was truly what fast-pitch softball was all about. While a fierce competitor on the field, he also had respect for his opponents and a respect for the game. Playing with Doug, both before and after he had a family, he somehow always managed to surround himself with great players who were also great teammates. It’s easy to create a winning team, with great players. But the Ricola teams were able to win and be more than just softball players. They were families and the camaraderie of the teams lives on because of Doug. God bless Doug, Elizabeth, Ike and Lilla.

  8. Leslie lamb says:

    What a special man my brother was.

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