As old as the dinosaurs

Written by Bob on August 11th, 2016

120115-BobBasketball.45web James Naismith Otto, the inventor of basketball and the sports’ very first stoneage player.

It’s my birthday and I was asked at Starbucks this morning by a young barista who has yet to shave: “Bob, just how old are you!?”

I didn’t want to answer numerically, so I said, “well, let me tell you this way.”
On the day I was born, Barney Rubble’s stone-wheeled, dinosaur drawn, passenger cart rolled off the assemble line.

On the day I was born, the Democratic tribe led by a woman named Hillary finished her walk around the earth to prove to the skeptical Republican tribe that the planet was indeed round.

But the Republican tribe’s leader, a man named Trump, vehemently denounced Hillary’s discovery, declaring her a liar and dubbing her “crooked Hillary.” And he warned his tribe, “I rode my dinosaur to the end of the earth and it is flat! And be wary of tribesmen Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. They tried to push me over the edge.”

On the day I was born, James Naismith Otto invented basketball. But he had one problem: how to inflate the ball. But then he had an ingenious idea, utilize a politician. After all, everyone knows they’re blowhards and full of hot air.

On the day I was born, a pair of dinosaurs starred up into the sky as a large object hurtled toward them.

“That can’t be good,” said one very nervous dinosaur.

“Nah, don’t worry,” said the second dinosaur, “it’s passing right by us. We’re safe.”

Thank you for the birthday wishes, and hope my attempt at humor brings a smile. – Bob Otto

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