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  1. cresencio ramos says:

    If you still have Fast-pitch tourney’s, please contact me at 913-999-4367 or 913-200-9675 I’ve played the game 24 years, 6 regionals undefeated, 1 National Title in Las Cruces, New Mexico in 1988 we won Class B. In 1989 we placed 5 the in class A, should have won that one too. I have a crew of about 6 Latin umpires who speak Spanish & English. We have worked ASA, 10 NAFA World Tournaments. We travel about 12 States, we would love to come down there & meet new umps & ballplayers & fans.Pass this # along to who ever is having tournaments. God Bless You !! Hope to hear from you very soon.. Going to the Quad Cities to do the NAFA Masters this coming weekend. Next April going to Las Vegas, Nevada, & Cancun, Mexico for Big Latin Tourneys.

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