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  1. Tom Stasik says:

    That’s great. A very nice article. Most young men nowadays don’t know what they are missing.

  2. Bobby "Spec" Spector says:

    “smokem started his softball career as a second baseman for Dizon’s Mens Wear. He tried pitching,and got his chance the next season when the regular pitcher switched teams before the season began.
    Neil became a winner and with a great group of players won many tournies in the early 80s.
    Neil has enjoyed playing fast pitch softball,and been very sucessful. Spec

  3. Bob says:

    Thanks for sharing Spec. Much appreciated. And great to hear from one of his Wisconsin teammates.

  4. Ralph Ciolkosz says:

    I have been a teammate as well as an opponent of Neal’s.
    I share his passion for the game! ?

  5. Ah yes …Neil Jones ….the best descriptor that comes to mind when thinking about him is …Genuine!!

  6. Matt Horton says:

    Neil is a good pitcher and a great teammate. Glad to hear he found an outlet in the west! I once had a HR off Neil, but I’m sure he remembers it was wind aided…

  7. Mike White says:

    Played against and also with Neil.
    Great competitor who beat alot of good teams.

  8. Terry Armstrong says:

    I worked for Neil & played the infield behind him…one of the nicest guys I have known…

  9. Tim Raimer says:

    Portage, WI was Wisconsin’s home for fast pitch softball. Now the City took out all the city softball diamonds so they could build a couple more soccer fields. 5 soccer fields 0 softball fields. This suck! I played for 30 years, my family played for 150 years.

  10. Jim Wickert says:

    Had the pleasure of catching both of these fine pitchers back in the day. Dave played for us in the Brooklyn fastpitch league. Lost track of him for a few years and then we crossed paths at an ASA 40+ Masters in Springfield, MO. He was then with a team from SoCal.

    Had the good fortune to catch Neil in a tournament. What an experience. Control was impeccable. Could have given the sign, sat on a milk stool and closed my eyes. Unforgettable!

  11. Mike Armbrust says:

    Neil – friend, teammate, and what a competitor.

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