A Step Back In Time: the 1976 Casey Truckers

Written by Bob on October 5th, 2016


CASEY, IL – In 1976 the Casey Truckers hosted the ASA National Class A Invitational Tournament. I was lucky enough to be drafted to pitch for St. Paul Merchants. And while there, I got a Truckers official program.

Looking through the program, I discovered that the Truckers were quite a team, and from 1963 to 1975 had a record of 695-329. The Truckers best year was 1973 when they finished 80-24 and were ASA Class A state champions along with finishing third in the national tournament.

In 1975, the team was led by pitchers Denny Throneburg (39-12), Herb Nichols (11-6) and Frank Winnett (20-9). Walt Scott and John Wilson caught; infielders were Del Morgan, Mike Webster, Steve Voris, John Peters and Willy Noffke; playing outfield were Larry Renshaw, Larry Sappington, Wayne Metzler and Phil Sherwood. John Glidewell did the coaching.

Much like a corporation, the Casey Truckers had officers and an advisory board. Hats off to a great team in its era.

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