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  1. Russ Snow says:

    thanks bob for writing this article on Greg. I was privileged to play in that league back in the early 80’s when learning the game against the Alder boys. they loved hitting many bombs off me at Ann Morrison. Greg’s team also played the the North West travel league bringing in many of the great teams of the time, included Seafirst and Jimmy Moore. Great fun!

  2. Johnnie Davus says:

    The Alders are what fastpitch is all about. A great pitcher still, Greg has been a stalwart for the game of fastpitch. Great article. As a fastpitch player with some years under my belt, I can say I’ve been struck out by Greg on numerous occasions and still relish the memories.

  3. Bob says:

    I’ve had a lot of people tell me that back in his day he was among the best. And a great guy too.

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