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  1. Gary Baughman says:

    Another great aricle. Gary

  2. Bob says:

    Thank you Gary, much appreciated. The thing is when I was growing up, Bob Thurmes lived less than 20 miles from me and started pitching just a few years before I did. Small world.

  3. Richard Quigley says:

    Unreal Bob how you come up with these great articles from the past. I love reading them.

  4. Bob says:

    I think somewhere inside me lives an historian. I really enjoy digging into this stuff. I’ve collected a lot of information about Loesch’s Bar of Hastings, especially about Walt Nelson and Tom Niederkorn. From what I’ve learned, both should be in the Minnesota Softball Hall of Fame. Nelson has passed away, but Niederkorn is still with us, but like ALL OF US old timers, he’s not getting any younger, so if the committee finds him deserving, I hope they induct him in 2018. And of course, you already know how I feel about Nelson…let’s get the man a seat in the hallowed Hall!

  5. Bob says:

    Thanks Richard. We have to do a story on Erickson. Do you have contact information? Are the Junkers (brothers) still with us. If so, do you know how to get in contact with them. Thanks again and hope to see you around the old ball yard this summer.

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