Deadline near for Las Vegas Road Trip X

Written by Bob on February 12th, 2017

BURBANK, Calif. – The Las Vegas Road Trip X men’s fastpitch tournament (April 7-9) is fast approaching and some teams have yet to pay their entry fee. If you have not paid, please do so as soon as possible.

This is a second email update I have issued regarding the Las Vegas Road Trip X.


  • Teams that have not paid will have until Friday, February 17, otherwise, you run the risk of being dropped to the waiting list.

    Teams listed below, in each division, are in the order that they have paid followed by the order in which they notified the tournament director of their interest in participating in the tournament – the waiting list follows the same concept.

  • Teams listed as “Paid” have guaranteed their spot in the tournament.
  • Come February 18, teams from the waiting list who have paid will be moved into the corresponding division and the team at the bottom of the list who has not paid will be moved down to the waiting list in the order in which the team notified the tournament director of their interest.

  • If a division still has teams that have not paid, then whoever pays first either from the division list or waiting list will be entered into the tournament until it becomes full.

    There are two ways of paying your entry fee to ensure you meet the due date and not lose your spot. You can pay online by clicking here or mailing a check to:

    PO Box 6572
    Burbank, CA 91510-6572

    Payment updates will be posted on our website


    Rhinos Fastptich, Baja Mex (Paid)
    Desperado Sports Tavern, MT (Paid)
    J&B Bombers, CA
    Ohio Battery, OH
    Twin Cities, MN
    Team Marquez, Mex
    Ostrander, MN
    Page Brake, UT

    Tijuana Masters, Mex (Paid)
    All Star Automotive, CA (Paid)
    Buzzards, CA (Paid)
    PG Falcons, CAN (Paid)
    Tint Centre Cubs, CAN (Paid)
    Vancouver Hawks, CAN (Paid)
    KW Pirates, CA (Paid)
    Those Guys, CA
    A1 Rockies, CA
    Dragons, AZ
    Maccabi USA, CA
    Juaneno Smokers, CA

    Maccabi Canada Rays, CAN (Paid)
    Dream Chasers, SD (Paid)
    Oklahoma Leftovers, OK (Paid)
    So Cal Heat, CA (Paid)
    OPVS, OK (Paid)
    Wololok, CA (Paid)
    Colton Dirt Bags, CA (Paid)
    So Cal Bandits, CA (Paid)
    Arizona Brewers, AZ (Paid)
    Budmen, CA (Paid)
    McCoy 913, NM
    Oklahoma Sykos, OK
    Morongo Athletics, CA
    Coyotes, CA
    Austin Bluejays, TX
    HomeBoys, NM

    Waiting List
    Browning Fastpitch, UT (Paid) A-Major
    Colorado Knight, CO (Paid) A-Major
    Hector’s Fastpitch, CO A-Major
    Seattle Fastpitch, WA A
    Brian’s Blackhawks, OK A-Major
    Camrose Fury, CAN A-Major
    Santa Cecilia, Mex AA/AA-Major

    If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at 661-510-8928.

    Jesse Ortiz
    SCIFL President

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