Blue-eyed beauty, a great find

Written by Bob on October 22nd, 2009

Cleo, a beautiful Paint mare, has gorgeous blue eyes and a tongue that she has a hard time keeping contained inside her mouth.
Photos By BOB OTTO / Freelance Writer & Photographer

PERRIS, CA – We both agreed. What luck. What a find. What a great horse …

On Monday, I rode with Leigh-Ann Giddings of Giddings Rescue Horse Ranch to pick up a horse in Anza. A horse that the owner could no longer keep and that she wanted to find a good home for.

On trips like these, Leigh-Ann says that she’s never sure what kind of horse she will come across. Some horse owners sing high praises of the steed they want to get rid of. Often time describing them glowingly: beautiful, healthy, easy to handle, a wonderful horse that a grandmother or small child could ride.

Sometimes the owners tell outright lies to get Leigh-Ann to take the unwanted horse off their hands.

Other times, she happens across some great horses. “Each time out is exciting because you’re never sure what you’re going to find,” she said.

On the trip to Anza, she struck pay dirt. Everything the owner said over the phone was true.

16-hands tall, the Bay-colored (reddish-brown) Paint mare name Cleopatra with the black mane and tail along with four white stockings, is one of the most beautiful horses I’ve ever seen.

Her eyes are the stunningly blue. From 30 yards away, it’s the first thing I noticed. When Cleo locked those gorgeous baby blues on me, my heart skipped a beat.

I knew she wouldn’t last long at the rescue ranch. Sure enough, the first person who saw Cleo the next morning, a young woman, fell in love with her at first glance.

In a matter of seconds the young lady said, “I’ll take her. I want her.” And quickly she paid a deposit to hold her while Leigh-Ann has a veterinarian clear Cleo of any physical problems.

There’s several wonderful horses at the rescue ranch up for adoption. But Cleo is special. She gets along well with other horses, and she likes people. Every time I passed her pen, she whinnied at me.

And she will do anything you ask her to do. When haltering, leading, exercising, and grooming, she behaved like the perfect lady. And she’s got a playful personality. She loves to have her head held between both my hands as I massage the sides of her face.

And there’s her tongue. It is probably long enough for two horses. She stuck it out of the side of her mouth and let it dangle as if it was just too big and too much trouble to try and keep contained.

She had us smiling and laughing at her antics. She licked everything with it – her water trough, the pipe corral, my hand. It was as if the tongue had a mind of its own.

Cleo will be with us for about 10 days and then she will leave for her new home. We are going to miss her.

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