Road to Whitehorse: Botswana wins over South Africa in Softball

Written by Bob on June 19th, 2017

The Botswana Men’s Softball National Team has qualified to compete in the WBSC Men’s Softball World Championship in Whitehorse, Canada, beginning 7 July.

GABRONE, Botswana – The Botswana Men’s Softball National Team dominated the South African National Team in a three-game international friendly series played at the National Diamond.

The games were used as preparation for the upcoming WBSC Men’s Softball World Championship in Whitehorse, Canada, beginning 7 July.

In Game one, Botswana defeated South Africa easily 9-0. However, in Game 2, South Africa recovered to win 2-1 in a thrilling match.

In the third game, Botswana came out swinging the bats under the lights as the game was decided by the run ahead rule 7-0.

Botswana’s head coach, Pako Maforaga said he was happy with the results. “We just wanted to gauge how ready we are for the World Championship, and not necessarily to get results. We were trying different combinations and different batting orders to check the player’s mental strength.

“South Africa is the only international game that we are going to have, other than that we are going to play locally assembled players. I know the preparations are not enough but given the time that we have, I don’t think we will be able to find an international friendly,” he said.

Maforaga commented that the three games gave him a rough idea of the players he had in camp, adding that expectations were that they would continue to prepare for the competition using local clubs as opponents.

The two national teams will face off in another friendly series in Botswana on June 24.
2017 WBSC Men’s Softball World Championship

Sixteen countries from all five Olympic continents will compete at the 15th Men’s Softball World Championships with Africa represented by Botswana and South Africa.

South Africa is ranked No. 14 and has been paired with Argentina, Canada, Australia, USA, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, and India in Pool A.

Botswana, ranked No. 19 in the world, will compete against Great Britain, Japan, Denmark, Turkey, Venezuela, Czech Republic, and New Zealand in Pool B.

The opening game of the competition has pitted Botswana against Great Britain, while South Africa faces host Canada at 19:30, both on 7 July.

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