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  1. Tom Stasik says:

    I was too young to play against that generation of Nitehawks, but we had a real battle with them at the 1979 World Tournament in Bakersfield.

    New Zealander, Kevin Herlihy, was pretty much unhittable during the entire tournament. We scored just enough runs to win the games. The Saginaw Bolters prevailed. Kevin won the championship again with the Lancaster, Chameleons.

  2. Cam Lind says:

    Awesome story, nice flashback.

  3. Maureen Robertson says:

    Clint Herron was my dad. My brother and I spent our childhoods watching Nitehawks games. We had no idea at the time just how special they were. When I watch the World Series it takes me right back to all the World Championships the Nitehawks won. They were very, very good. I also remember listening to Chuck Medic announce the games. He was totally blind and called the game by the sound of the ball and the bat. He was a sports writer for the Long Beach Press Telegram for years also.Talk about amazing!

  4. Bob says:

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful memories of your dad and the Nitehawks. What great times those were!

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