Bowen Fastpitch takes home the NAFA A-Major championship

Written by Bob on August 13th, 2017

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  1. Kerwyn Lykken says:

    If softball is going the way of it is easier to go buy your players rather then develop players, I am sad. I would rather take a player and work with him and make him better. Having played fastpitch for 53 years and managed for about 40 years i have a little bit of an idea what I’m talking about. We are doing the sport no good if we take the easy way. I might be old fashioned but we need to get back to developing pitchers and players by eorking with them. My team might not win a National championship but we have been close (Crow Bar out of Sioux Falls South Dakota) but we always came with our league team and the guys that played all year and that has made me proud. Lets develop our kids and the game will be better.

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