NAFA A-Major MVPs and All-World Players

Written by Bob on August 18th, 2017

Bowen Fastpitch pitcher, JULIAN FERNANDEZ, 19, was selected the Most Valuable Pitcher of the 2017 NAFA A-Major World Series for leading Bowen to the championship in the 30-team tournament. Photo By BOB OTTO

NAFA Executive Director

FARGO – The top honorees earning post-tournament NAFA awards from the 30-team A-Major Division have been released in three categories – most valuable performers, pitchers and batters.


Julian Fernandez, Bowen Fastpitch


Facundo Gonzales, Bowen Fastpitch


Derek Martin, R.M. Kurtz
Brandon Peck, Fleetwood Marlins
Tom Haver Northern Merchants, New York
Dave Stokes, Elanco Blackhawks
Kyle Koterba, Dempsey’s
Dave Drotzman, Lacey A’s
Bryan Lathrop, Stoneyard
Lumar Goss, Calif. Buzzards (pitcher and batter)


JAVIER FIERRO was chosen for the NAFA A-Major All-World team for helping the California Buzzards finish third in the 30-team tournament. Fierro batted .368 (7-for-19) with 3 RBI and 7 runs. Photo By BOB OTTO / 2017 NAFA World Series

Kevin Gemmel, Northern O Selects
Peter Reimer, LaSalle Bullets
Mitch Warne, Sioux Falls Pivot Sox
Zac Campbell, Striker’s Lanes
Justin Feist, Spicy Pie
Tanner Maskey, Bowen Fastpitch
Bryan Erstad, Dempsey’s
Chris Robertson, Winterset A’s
Bryce Vargas, West Fargo Knights
Josh Anderson, Lacey A’s
Joe Vanette, Dempsey’s
Jason Pruitt, Calif. Buzzards
Ben Morrison, Odin
Alejo Munoz, Bowen Fastpitch
Matt Martin, R.M. Kurtz
Jake Fenstermacher, R.M. Kurtz
Kenton Martin, R.M. Kurtz
Devin Rogers, Stoneyard
Troy Much, Notre Dame Clubs
Brad Peck, Fleetwood Marlins
Tyler Mann, New York
Eneas Erbes, Bowen Fastpitch
Javier Fierro, Calif. Buzzards
Andy Martinez, A1 Rockies
Ruben Lopez, A1 Rockies

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