Shutting Down Ottoinfocus

Written by Bob on November 15th, 2017

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  1. Al Cooley says:


    Sorry to hear you are ending your blog. You have done a
    great job of reporting the news of the fast pitch world.
    I will definitely miss it.Being from Minnesota the stories of the “old days of the game”were the best. I looked forward
    to checking in a couple times a week. Enjoy checking off the things on the bucket list!

    Al Cooley

  2. Bob says:

    Thank You Al, your comments are much appreciated and I wish you and Joel the best of luck in the future. Great to see him pitch for Team USA! He has come a long way in reaching the top of rung of the game.

  3. Tony Coppin says:

    Always looked forward to reading your articles. Thanks for providing news about the REAL game in California and elsewhere.

  4. Parksy says:

    Best of luck Bob. I checked this blog out every morning, you are truly a great ambassador to Fastpitch. I’ll miss it.


  5. Merle Brendeland says:

    Your contributions will be missed but I think also everyone wishes you well in pursuit of the “bucket list” Well done of the years!

  6. Bob says:

    Thanks Merle, and you were along for much of the fastpitch journey, back in the days of covering the ISC World Tournament. Good times.

  7. Bob says:

    You are welcome Tony, and may your fastpitch career continue in good health with lots of wins in the circle as well as an abundance of hits; fortunately, not off me anymore!

  8. Rich Markham says:

    Bob, what a great run you have had with Otto in Focus! You have given the fastpitch community a voice through your enjoyable writing and a view into our community through your unique photography. Have a great time in your “retirement”.

  9. Bob says:

    Thank you Rich, much appreciated!

  10. Al Doran says:

    Bob, reading this news took my breath away! You are far too young to retire (well a lot younger than I am) but doing my best to understand that you have other things to do. The entire fastpitch softball / fastball community owes you a Big vote of THANKS and sincere appreciation for all your hard work over so many years. You have always been a Class Act and one so very hard to follow. I wish you luck at all your interests. Good luck my friend.
    Al Doran

  11. Blair Setford says:

    Thank you Bob for your great contributions to the game and to the ISC Guide while I’ve been Managing Editor. Your work will be sorely missed. Wishing you all of the best! Blair

  12. Bob says:

    Thank you Blair, it was a pleasure helping on the Guide. And your editing was appreciated, because I know I committed a few, as we would say in our game, “errors!”

  13. Bob Parkins says:

    Bests always from this little corner of Canada, Bob. You’ll be much missed. Tnx for all those years of stellar stuff.

  14. Bob says:

    Thank you Bob, much appreciated!

  15. Bob says:

    Thank you Al, coming from you, these sentiments mean a lot. But I’m wondering, if I have a story brewing, could I send it to you for alsfastball? And of course Jim’s fastpitchwest? So, though I’m giving up the blog, I do have some “juices” still flowing for the game! 🙂

  16. John Otto says:

    Thanks for your interesting articles and stories over the years, even though I never played the game I enjoyed reading about it.
    Good luck with the “bucket list”!

  17. Al Doran says:

    Yes Bob, for sure. Feel free to send your stories at any time. Thanks

  18. Bob says:

    Thanks John, hope to see you come visit when you want a break from the cold winds and snow.

  19. Ralph Roybal says:

    Bobby, from all your fans here in the I.E. We wish you well in your new journey.Your work on the game we love was like no other. Especially your ties to the game in our backyard.Thank you for keeping Fastpitch in the news for all of us to read. Ralph Roybal -Casa Trejo Bombers.

  20. Robert Hernandez says:

    Bob,shocking news but wish the best to you in your retirement. Seeing you work a tournament and getting an article out, you always did it with a great passion. Your reports will be missed. Thank you for all you have done over the years.

  21. Bob says:

    Thank you Ralph, it has been a pleasure to get to know you, your dad, write about your team, the Casa Trejo Bombers, and personally play with and against many of the San Bernardino, Riverside, Yucaipa, Banning-Beaumont, Indian reservation, Palm Springs, Corona’s City Park (with the famous Chayo Rodriguez and his Chicanos the pride of the city and awfully tough to beat)…teams and players. Great times at David Valdivia (Beaumont Coyotes ball park) Field; Nunez and 9th Street parks in San Berdo (tournaments practically every weekend); Bomar Field and old Evans Park in Riverside; I Street and 7th Street parks in Yucaipa; Repplier Park in Banning; Morongo and Soboba softball fields; Demuth Park in Palm Springs…A lot of fastpitch softball being played “back in the day,” and special times for us Inland Empire fastballers!

  22. Mark Nelson says:

    Thanks Bob for all you have done for the sport. You and your articles will be missed. Good luck on your next set of adventures in life.

  23. Bob says:

    Thank your Mark, much appreciated.

  24. Bob,
    Thank you so much for all you have done. Thank you for all those articles from all over the world, Minnesota and the pieces you have done many times on my past Scandia teams and present Minnesota Computers Teams. The guys back here in Minnesota are going to miss your articles. We hope you can make it back to Minnesota for a State MSF Tournament one of these years. Caswell Park in North Mankato isn’t to far from your home town, Wanamingo, Mn. NAFA 2018 – FARGO ** NAFA 2019 – MANKATO BE THERE!

  25. Bob says:

    Thank you Richard for the compliment, and it has been a pleasure getting to know you, Valarie, Ron and the boys; and also covering your teams and NAFA World Series. The Minnesota State Tournament is tentatively on my ‘bucket list’ so don’t be too surprised if you see me walking into Caswell Park loaded down with cameras and computer. Take care and maybe see you on the pickleball court as well!

  26. don didion says:


  27. Bob says:

    Thank you Donnie, and it was a great time back in the day when So. Calif. men’s fastpitch was booming, and Jim Teninty’s Masters were a big part of the game. It’s guy like Jim and yourself that kept the game going here as long as it did. Thank you for all you did as a player and as a manager, and for the many years you devoted to fastpitch. Don and Jim Singleton were two of my favorite people in the game…so many good times with many players who were not only talented, but really enjoyed the game, and were fun to be around. Take care Donnie and I hope all is well. I can’t complain, life has been kind to me.

  28. Bob says:

    Thank you Robert for your kind compliment, it was a pleasure working the NAFA World Series with you and all the devoted NAFA people.

  29. Dick Harkins says:


    Great job over the years.

    I’ve been away from softball since my final year with the Orlando Bears in 1978. Ran into Steve Neilson who was pitching with Clearwater that year. I caught him in the 1969 All Service and Men’s National Tourney where we finished 3rd. Talked with Joe Lynch a couple of times last year.



    602-694-3589 Phoenix , AZ

  30. Bob says:

    Thanks for your comments and insight Dick. What a great career you had catching some of the best-ever to hurl a softball.

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