50 Teams Committed For 2019 Las Vegas Road Trip

Written by Bob on January 27th, 2019

BEAUMONT COYOTES SHORTSTOP, JEREMY DEAN, tags out a runner during the Coyotes first-round game in the A division of the 2017 Las Vegas Road Trip X men’s fastpitch tournament at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. The Coyotes defeated the War Chiefs of Oklahoma to advance. Photo By BOB OTTO

Las Vegas Roadtrip Tournament Director

Las Vegas – This is an update on the Las Vegas Road Trip XII that will be held April 12-14, 2019.

Do to the high amount of interested teams wanting to participate, we have increased the amount of teams in the tournament from 34 to 50 which is the maximum the tournament will allow. This means the tournament is full in all divisions.

Teams still interested in participating can email the tournament director, Jesse Ortiz, so they can be added to the waiting list.

How It Works

A team who is added to the waiting list and pays their complete entry fee will have an opportunity to participate if a team drops out or does not pay by the due date. If a team on the waiting list pays their complete entry fee and is not able to get in, the entry fee will be returned.

Due Date

The money is now due for those teams that have expressed interest in participating in the tournament. If money is not received by March 1, 2019 you may lose your spot to a team on the waiting list. This due date will provide teams on the waiting list sufficient time to make appropriate arrangements to participate if they get in.

Payment Method

There are two ways of paying your entry fee to ensure you meet the due date and not lose your spot. You can pay online by visiting our website and clicking on the “Pay Online” button on the left hand side column or by check.

Checks can be made out to “SCIFL” and mailed to:

PO Box 6572
Burbank, CA 91510-6572

Break Down

The breakdown of each division will consist of 10 teams in the AA/AA-Major, 14 in the A-Major, and 26 in the A totaling a 50 team tournament; there are 10 teams in the waiting list.

Below is a list of all the teams participating, who have paid, and who are on the waiting list. Please make sure the information provided is correct and if your team is not listed I may have not received an email from you or have missed other types of communication.

AA/AA-Major Division
1 Kansas City Monarchs KS
2 Those Guys CA
3 Buzzards CA
4 Bryan’s Blackhawks OK
5 East Bay Bashers CA
6 Astros TX
7 Alexander tee pee crawlers CAN
8 Ohio Battery OH
9 Team Marquez Mex
10 222’s Fastpitch CAN

Waiting List
1 Halifax Pepperjacks CAN

A-Major Division
1 Colorado Knights CO Paid
2 Reoxyn Fastpitch UT Paid
3 STK Orioles CAN Paid
4 First Colony Mortgage UT Paid
5 Desperados MT
6 Maccabi USA CA
7 KW Pirates CA
8 So Cal Knights CA
9 A1 Rockies CA
10 Dirt Dogs WA
11 Dirty Penguins CAN
12 Grackle Lane MA
13 Tijuana Masters Mex
14 All Star Automotive CA

Waiting List
1 Saskatoon PDC Comets CAN
2 Compas Tijuana Mex
3 Redline Braves OK

A Division
1 USA JR National Team USA Paid
2 Orien Masonry Sting IN Paid
3 Clavering Axeman CAN Paid
4 Maccabi Canada Rays CAN Paid
5 Rockwood Rush CAN Paid
6 Austin Blue Jays TX Paid
7 Red Leaf SD Paid
8 Budmen CA
9 No Coyotes CA
10 Pala Braves CA
11 So Cal Bandits CA
12 Saskatoon Padres, SK CAN
13 Positive Brothers DC
14 Conquest Coyotes Under 23 CAN
15 Kansas Indians KS
16 War Chiefs OK
18 Oklahoma Sykos OK
19 Bombers CA
20 Arizona Brewers AZ
21 McCoy 913 NM
22 Crazy Horse SD
23 Anthem Hills Dental NV
24 Kemptville Fastpitch CAN
25 Yokut Nation CA
26 Wololok CA

Waiting List
1 The Dundalk Smoke CAN
2 Pine Ridge SD
3 BigEagle Express OK
4 Wild Oglalas SD
5 Juaneño Smokers CA
6 HomeBoys NM

***If you have any question, please feel free to contact me at 661-510-8928.***

Jesse Ortiz
SCIFL President

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