A reminder Minnesota, winter is on its way

Written by Bob on November 17th, 2009

On the “sunny” side, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival (January 21-31) is a great winter event to attend in Minnesota.
Photos of 2009 Saint Paul Winter Carnival By BOB OTTO / Photographer & Writer

YUCAIPA, CA – I bow my head in shame. For I have shirked my duties as a journalist. It is my obligation to investigate and inform.

And in some cases, to enlighten and remind.

So with deep humility, please accept my apology for …

(I’m sorry, but pardon me for just a moment while I dab a bit perspiration from my brow. It’s 79 degrees outside and I’ve worked up quite a sweat while basking under a warm southern California sun.)

… As I was saying before I stopped to dab the sweat from my brow.

I want to apologize to my family and friends in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Iowa for failing you miserably. For failing to remind you that winter will soon be arriving.

You know, the –10, -20, -40 below zero temperatures. And of course the snowstorms that howl in on the wings of a “norther,” as you Midwesterners like to call those Arctic blasts that roar in from Canada like an out of control freight train, dumping two and three feet of wet, heavy, snow.

Snow that fills driveways, sidewalks, city streets, and country roads to unimaginable depths. Snow that must be shoveled with backbreaking labor. Snow that can take days for a snowplow, or snow blower to remove before travel is even possible.

Whew! I feel so relieved. And I can rest easy now that I’ve fulfilled my journalistic duty and forewarned you of what is to come.

Oh, one other reminder – and this is very important: Stock up on snow shovels, mittens, parkas, insulated boots, earmuffs, long johns, and hankies. I heard it’s going to be a long and bitterly cold (burr!!) winter.

Blast this ceaseless southern California sunshine! Will it never cool off?

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For Saint Paul Winter Carnival information, Continue to Carnival website

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  1. Bev Davidson says:

    You had to remind me!! 29 degrees tonight and yes I have my parka out and my cuddle dud long johns from Penneys!! My only enjoyment in the winter is watching Dylan play hockey. Enjoy your warm California sun!! I am jealous!!

  2. Bob says:

    I made a huge mistake in the Yucaipa weather update yesterday. The high hit 82, not 79. Sorry about the inaccuracy. I’ll try and do better in the months to come, like from now through March …

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