Sunshine and horses

Written by Bob on December 27th, 2009


YUCAIPA, CA – Here in southern California, we ‘re running out of water, we’re over crowded, and we’re up to our you-know-what in debt. But on a day like today I turned my face to the sun and put all those troubles behind me.

Early this morning I called the Giddings Rescue Horse Ranch and asked if they needed help feeding, exercising, grooming, or mucking their horses.

Never heard of mucking?

Well, it works this way. Horses go number two, and a man, or a woman (this is equal opportunity employment) scoops up the droppings with a scoop shovel or pitch fork. It’s so simple even I’m good at it.

But it didn’t matter whether I mucked or groomed. Whether I fed or watered. I just wanted to escape the hectic city life for the quiet and peaceful rolling hills south of Perris. No ambulance sirens. No screeching tires. No crowded malls. No lines of traffic with impatient drivers blaring their angry horns.

Instead, the ranch gave me a serene quiet broken only by horses’ whinnies and the occasional cry of a hawk circling overheard.

So I exercised horses, filled water troughs, groomed hides until they shone bright and silky, and I began halter-training two Mustangs – Isis and Little Red. I got manure on my shoes. My shirt was stained with horse snot and saliva, and I smelled like a horse. But I loved it.

And when I finished my work, I climbed aboard “Bubba” and rode for about half an hour in 72-glorious degrees of bone-warming sunshine.

Ah, what a great day to leave my troubles behind me. What a great day to spend with a horse.

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  1. COPD_horseman says:

    To paraphrase a very old adage, “Anything and everything to do with the “out” – (pardon the pun) – side of a horse does absolute wonders for the insides of a man or woman!!”

  2. Bob says:

    I like the adage and totally agree.

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