Time For the Garcia Women To Start Walking

Written by Bob on January 5th, 2010


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YUCAIPA, CA – My wife came home from work yesterday saying that the women of the Garcia Insurance Company have resolved to get in shape. Some have signed up and joined fitness clubs. With unflinching determination they’re committed to dieting, exercising, and losing weight in 2010.

To this I say: “Not very likely.”

Here’s my reasoning. I’ve exercised and belonged to fitness clubs for about 40 of my 61 years. And this is what I’ve learned. Right after New Year’s, the “wanna-get-in-shapes,” sign up in droves at the fitness clubs.

And for about 15 to 20 days, the “newbie’s” will huff and puff on the treadmills. They will strain and groan while lifting weights. They will hop and skip about like puppets to an aerobics instructor’s commands. And they will sweat like a marathoner running a 20-K.

And then will they quit.

Within about a month the newbie’s are all gone until next January. Then they will return in droves again, wasting their money by signing up for another membership they will soon discard. They repeat this sad ritual year after year after year.

Since I’m a fitness fanatic, I think I’m qualified to give the Garcia women a little advice. Forget about the fitness club memberships. Forget about the drudgery of lifting weights. Forget about the treadmill. Forget about skipping and hopping about like a puppet to the commands of some fitness instructor.

Instead, perform an exercise recommended by most doctors. And it costs absolutely nothing. A 30 to 45-minute routine that will get your bodies in “girly pleasing” shape again. If you stick to it: Walking.

“Walking at a moderate to brisk pace for about 10,000 strides, daily or every-other day, along with sticking to a diet – will shed those unwanted pounds in a matter of months.”

I walk briskly with my dog, Tassie, at least every other day for about three miles. In all the years that I have exercised, which includes jogging, playing pick-up basketball, and lifting weights, I’ve found that walking is the one exercise that I actually stick to.

Why? Because walking is one step at a time. There’s no great over exertion. No painful straining. Not extreme huffing and puffing. And when I walk, I’m taking in the beauty of the great outdoors. Filling my lungs with fresh air.

“Walking gets my blood pumping. It energizes my brain. It releases endorphins that make me feel better emotionally.”

So forget about the expensive gym memberships you will seldom use. Or the aerobics instructors you will soon grow bored with from skipping about like marionettes.

Walking takes just 30 to 45 minutes a day, or every other day. And if you find you’ve become dedicated to walking, then consider joining a fitness club.

Remember earlier when I said that it’s, “not very likely,” that you will stick with a fitness program?

Prove me wrong. Get out and walk.

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