Dog, please let me sleep

Written by Bob on January 15th, 2010

YUCAIPA, CA – I love my dog, I truly do. She’s smart, pretty well mannered, and a great walking partner.

But she has one trait that is trying my patience. She’s an insomniac. Anywhere from one to three in the wee hours when I’m blissfully snoring away, Tassie will be pacing in the living room, or she’ll come thumping her tail against my bed.

Telling me, hey I can’t sleep, how about you? How bout getting your sleepy butt out of bed and let me outside?

Tassie’s sleepless nights don’t come all the time, maybe two or three nights a week. And once she’s dragged me out of bed, guess what? I’m sleepless too.

She woke me again last night. I heard her pacing in the living room. Maybe her sixth sense warned her to stay out of the bedroom; that I was in no mood to be awakened. Or maybe she thought the vacuum cleaner was in the bedroom. She tucks her tail and runs whenever it’s in use.

Anyway, with a groan, I threw off the covers, stumbled into the living room to let her outdoors.

She just stood their grinning at me, her tail wagging, and her brown eyes smiling.

“Come on, let’s go,” I mumbled as she trotted to the door.

I’m sure some of you are tugging on the leash to give me doggie advice. But I’m smarter than you think. I empty her water bowl long before bedtime, and I let her outside just before crawling under the covers to encourage her to do her business.

If I were a sound sleeper, I wouldn’t mind her waking me long before the sun’s up. But once I’m awake, I stay awake. And that means on days like today, I’m tired and sleepy. And a bit cranky.

I’m sure I’ve fooled some of you with my Sean Connery, Paul Newman, or Clint Eastwood-like good looks (in their younger days, of course), but I am getting up in years, so my tired, old body needs all the sleep it can get.

But Tassie? Once I let her back indoors, she curls up on her bed and is fast asleep in no time.

Hmmm, I wonder if Motel Six has a vacancy tonight.

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