Come on, just one little snowflake

Written by Bob on January 18th, 2010

The “Great Yucaipa Snowstorm of 2004.”
Photos by BOB OTTO
YUCAIPA, CA – I’ve got my fingers crossed. The temperature’s dropping. The rain has been falling all day and the drops are getting bigger and colder.

I’m scanning the skies searching for just one little snowflake. And perhaps that one brave, little snowflake will trigger a snowstorm like the “Great Yucaipa Snowstorm of 2004.”

Let me tell you, that was a whopper of a snowstorm! Eight inches of the white stuff covered Yucaipa, breaking a 50-year record.

I know, I know, you snowstorm-weary folks from Buffalo, Fargo, Minneapolis, and the upper reaches of Michigan are snickering about now.

“Eight inches? Eight inches! You call eight inches a whopper of snowstorm? You’ve got to be joking.”

But my Eastern and Midwestern friends, you have to understand, we don’t get snow that often. It’s almost as rare as rain. So when it snows, it’s a big deal for us sunny southern Californians.

We party, play and romp. We have snowball fights. We build snowmen. We go sledding. We also get stuck in ridiculously small amounts of snow. And we motor about like were driving bumper cars at the county fair.

Fender benders? Plenty of them. Slide off the road? Oh, we’re good at that. Tail gate and speed on the freeways as though were driving in balmy, 80-degrees? Certainly. Hey, we’ve got a reputation to uphold.

But alas, our record-setting eight inches was gone in two days. All melted away. And we were back to our boring, warm weather. What a bummer.

Excuse me while a check the skies. Come on, just one little snowflake. Is that too much to ask?

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