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  1. Terry Dunham says:

    I have had the honor of not only playing with, but also against “Buzz” and he is a true ballplayer and sportsman. Buzz always participates with class in a game that at times can get heated….I consider him a true friend, Terry Dunham Farmington fastpitch

  2. Troy Westley says:

    I have known Buzzy for 11 years and could never get his age revealed. He is truly a class act and is one of the main reasons that St. Paul fastpitch still fields teams with top caliber talent.

    He plays the game with a no nonsense fashion and expects his teams to do the same. Buzzy gives everyone a fair shake and deserves every bit of adulation that this article will produce. Congratulations Buzzy, you are still the man!!!

  3. Gary Bougie says:

    I found out about Buzzy, as a kid growing up on ST Paul’s West Side where fast pitch was big, as it was in SSTP and all over the city. I watched Buzzy play against my dad, Joe Bougie, who also pitched for many years. Other notable pitchers from the West Side were Edmund VanDenbosch,Al Costillo and Dave Bougie…just to name a few.

    We played for many years in South St Paul on 15th ave and Dunning field. As I got older, I actually played against Buzzy and with him as well. We had Buzzy pitch for us in a tournament at McMurray field in the early 1980’s. We were fortunate enough to win…..and it was because of Buzzy Connor’s. He was also the MVP of the tournament. Buzz was always consistent, excellent control, good junk and made very few mistakes.

    I miss those days and I agree, we could use more “Buzz Connors”

    Keep carrying the torch, Buzzy

  4. I first met Buzzy in 1994 playing in the Sunday morning League in S. Mpls. Pitching for Whiskey Junction. I hadnt played fast pitch since 1971 and in one afternoon and evening at the Junction he convinced me to play on his team in St. Paul. I have enjoyed his company and insight, managment. Over the next 13 years He litterly taught me how to pitch. One of our best moments was taveling to the annual Las Vegas Invitational national tournament . I got married, [ 56 ballplayes & gueata attended] We had 2 teams from St. Paul and Buzzy and I were given the [rejects] from the A team LOL. We surprised everyone and went 4-0 with Buzzy shutting out the Las Vegas Aces in the final game. Dont ever ask him who his friends are, he’ll tell you he dosent have any friends, just aquaintences and then with a little smile will go back to chewing on his cigar. I have been blessed to have known this man and have laughed, cried, argued, drank, and roomed with him. His dedication and love for the game has been more than anybody could achieve. He is truly a ambassador for the game of Softball in St. Paul. He belongs in the State Hall of fame. Tank you Buzz.

  5. Brian Groehler says:

    Buzz — I know you through my Dad, Walter Groehler, and I appreciate reading your comments. My Dad played with Al DeWall and Dutch Elbers. He had the batting championship in 1954 and he also had two world championships in 1956 for the Newbar. And, in 1957 for the Belmont. Herb Brooks played 1st base on my Dad’s team, The Eagles Area #33, as you might know and my Dad played 2nd base. My Dad’s career stretched from 1946 with Brown and Bigelow to 1971 with Benson’s Bar. I remember all of the old names because I attended all of the games. We attend the annual Old Timer’s game in August and we’ve seen you pitch many times. What happened to Eddie Mattress? We have a question … who plays left field for the Old Timer’s blue team … his first name is Terry ?? It would be nice to see my Dad’s name mentioned :). Thank you!

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