Remembering my idol, Walt “Nellie” Nelson

Written by Bob on March 24th, 2010

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  1. Metta says:

    I love reading your stories…especially the one of “grandpa can you pick me up from school”… I don’t think I will ever have grandchildren…I envy all the siblings that were blessed with new youngsters. I used to call our grandpa…”grandpa can you take me on my paper route”… he loved being asked for rides and I loved him driving me…

  2. Lucy says:

    I sure wish Mom would’ve taken us to your games when we were little. I always knew you were on a team and were a pitcher. I was proud you were my brother and still am.

  3. Bob says:

    Mom probably thought it would be a lot of work keeping track of all of you at the ball game. And most of our games were played at night, usually about 7 and 8:30, which would have been a late night trip back home with school the next day. Plus I don’t think she would have approved of her son drinking a cool beverage with the boys after the games! Softball was fun while it lasted.

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