The little roan filly’s looking for a good home

Written by Bob on April 11th, 2010

Wild Mustang photos taken at the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Adoption at San Bernardino Rodeo Grounds and at Noble Creek Park in Beaumont.
Photos By BOB OTTO

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YUCAIPA, CA – The little roan filly with the small splotch of white on her forehead turned and looked my way. She perked up her ears and posed like a glamorous model on a photo shoot. She held her stance while my shutter clicked away with my six-inch zoom lens focused on her beautiful symmetrical head.

Our dalliance lasted for about a minute before she broke the mood and wandered back to several yearlings like herself.

The roan filly carrying the tag number “3107” was one of 20 horses the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) had available for adoption at the San Bernardino Rodeo Grounds, Saturday.

And I was one of about 15 people yearning to take one home.

“Looks like you’d like to adopt her,” a voice said behind me.

“If I could find a place to board her at a reasonable cost, I probably would,” I said.

But until I can find a boarding stable that won’t break my budget, I’ll have to be happy with just photographing the wild Mustangs the BLM puts up for adoption throughout the year.

The BLM rounds up wild Mustangs roaming federal lands in California, Nevada, and Arizona, and then puts them up for adoption to people, who have the compassion and facilities to care for them.

The cost? Less than what some people pay for a pair of new shoes.

At $125 a head, what a bargain to own Mustangs that have proven to be great cow horses, and champions in dressage, jumping, barrel racing, and pleasure riding.

I had to leave before the adoption finished so I don’t know if the little roan filly found a loving home. If not, the BLM cowboys herded her back on a horse trailer and hauled her back to the Ridgecrest wild horse corrals where she will rejoin other Mustangs yet to find a home to call there own.

Maybe next time little filly, maybe next time.

You can learn more about adopting a BLM horse or burro by visiting the following link.
BLM Wild Mustang and Burro website

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  1. Kerri says:

    I love the pictures Bob. The little roan mustang is a cutie sounds like she is calling your name

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