Grandpa, can you take me to my basketball game?

Written by Bob on May 3rd, 2010

My beautiful grandchildren, Cameron, 16, and Haylee, 11.

YUCAIPA, CA – How old are you grandpa, my grandson Cameron asked me today after I picked him up at school. How old do you think I am? I think 52, but I usually get it wrong. Actually, I’m 48 I said with a straight face. I know you’re not that young! Cam fired back with a laugh.

The joys of grandparenthood.

Cam is 16. Recently he had an accident and his treasured Chevy truck that he owned less than six months was totaled. He feels terrible about the accident. It was his fault. But fortunately no one was seriously hurt – just some bumps and bruises.

I feel bad that Cam lost his truck. But on the plus side I see him more often. Because he needs rides now and then. And who does my handsome, intelligent, athletic, grandson call?

His grandpa!

I love it when he calls me and says, “grandpa can you take me to my basketball game?” Or “grandpa can you pick me up at school today?” And “grandpa, can we get something to eat?” (I pay of course.)

I read a psychologists’ study about the sacrifices we humans would make for one another. The study said that parents and grandparents would surrender their lives without a second thought if it meant saving their children and grandchildren.

But our spouses? Maybe. Our friends? Probably not. Strangers? Not a chance.

I pity grandparents separated by long miles and distant states from their grandkids. It must be heart wrenching missing out on birthday parties, sporting events, holiday gatherings, graduations, and the emptiness of no backyard barbeques at grandpa and grandma’s house.

And to miss out on a grandson’s call, “grandpa, can you take me to my basketball game?”

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  1. Pat Stenzel says:

    Thanks Bob! You made me cry! I miss my grandkids so much! I’m not going to be able to go to many of their activities and it just about kills me when I think about it! They’ll never really know me or Wally very well!! Some grandparents are so lucky and they don’t even realize it! At least you do!!!

  2. Vanessa Gilmore says:

    Not only are you a wonderful grandpa to your biological grandchildren, you are wonderful to your “additional” granddaughter who adores her Grandpa Bob. Thank you from the bottom of mine and Rob’s heart!

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