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  1. Dam Brown says:

    Nicely Done, Bob. You’re still in top form.

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks Dan, good to hear from you. I can see by your email address that you’re still a man of the “blue.” Good for you, glad to see you’re still involved in the sport, too. But like I told Clyde Bennett after an extremely close play at the plate that I couldn’t tell one way or the other whether the player was safe or out, “you couldn’t pay me enough…” But as we all know, this game couldn’t go on without the blue!

  3. Mike Ryan says:

    I still have your photos of Bullet. Great job, Bob.

  4. Bob says:

    Thanks Mike, great to hear that photos survive and carry on memories.

  5. Bob Romualdi says:

    Anyone heard of where Andrew Kirkpatrick and Lucas Mata are playing this year ?

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