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  1. Norm Lankford says:

    The Amazing thing about Mike is being able to pith and play fast pith softball at the high level at age 71. I played and pitched against Mike many times and always knew that I was in for a battle. I pitched for 37 years and retired in the 1980’s. Conrats to you Mike.

    Norm Lankford

  2. I was Mike’s catcher for 2 years,while playing for the Open Seas Tavern in Lake Oswego.I thought men’s fastpitch was dead in Oregon. It is great that Mike is aiding in developing young pitchers.In those days with Mike and Danny Meddock pitching we were difficult to beat. In those days Mike had a nasty rise,with a drop that he located well.His change kept hitters off balance and his velocity was second to none.Mike was a lot of fun to catch because he was a great competitor. Way to go Mike. Elmer Groener -those were great times.

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  4. Rickey Kolda says:

    Its 3 years since this article was written and I had the opportunity, no the privilage to catch Mike Trotter in Mt Vernon last weekend. He threw 4 innings struck out 4 and gave up only 1 run against JRW from Yakima. It was one of my most cherished fastpitch moments and he actually came up to me and said thanks for the opportunity to pitch for us. I told him we are the ones who are thankful. What a class act! We even talked him into playing for us in the “C” Nationals in Salem this year. So if you are in the area come find “K-Club” from Seattle and talk fastpitch with one of our games treasures. I cant wait to play with him again and have him in the dugout.

  5. Bob says:

    Mike is amazing, and still pitching. I saw him a couple times, once at the ASA Class A nationals in Lancaster, Calif. He threw really well, and we had a nice talk afterwards. Thanks for sharing Rickey, and good luck to you and K-Club in the ASA nationals. I’ll be in Des Moines covering the NAFA World Series, Aug. 6-18. Should be a great one with five divisions of pretty equal teams.

  6. Dan Woodman says:

    I played with Mike on the Lake Oswego team in the 1970’s. I also played against him and remember him as a very intense and capable competitor. Being a few years younger than Mike, I have been sorry that I quit when I did. I did pitch for 30+ years, retiring in the 90’s.

  7. Bob says:

    30+ years is a good long career Mike. Congrats. I do remember hearing your name down here in Calif. I’ve seen Trotter pitch in the ASA Nationals. Still pitched like a kid, belying his chronological age.

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