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  1. David says:

    So I take it you’ve never seen a Major Utrip softball game played?? Playing fastpitch softball is about as boring as watching paint dry!!!
    I mean what fun is it to see a pitcher dominate a game, when your pitching so close to the batter your basically dancing partners????
    I’ve seen way too many mens and womens fastpitch games that go 9+ innings without a score, or to see a team fluke a homerun on a kiddie field that is generally a can of corn any other time.
    As for the guys being big?? yea they are big, so what? they can also field any position.. And the defense is top notch at the Major levels. turning double plays is basically second hand when it comes to them.
    And there are plenty of little guys who play Major softball, IE Scott Kirby is one of them. Do some simple research before you go n spout off about something you dont know (anything) about!
    Have you even seen a Major softball tournament? look up the 2009 Dudley Tournament. Or just look up Resmondo or Dan Smith, Johnny Blaze.

  2. Bob says:

    Thanks for the reply, now go see a real softball game. By the way, players who generally can’t hit fastpitch settle for slowpitch. Have fun.

  3. Timmy T says:

    If you would of actually payed attention to the game you would of noticed the announcers mentioning that most of those Slow-pitch players are former Minor League baseball players.

    You hear that? They actually played real baseball as well, not the womens version of softball that is for wannabes and never coulds.

  4. Bob says:

    Yes, I heard the announcers say some had played minor league ball. Good athletes, I’m sure. Now if you actually read what I wrote, I gave my opinion on which side of the sport I believe to be the best and why, namely fastpitch. (And I hope that ESPN will consider televising the next International Softball Federation World Championship.) You mention that the women’s version of softball, “is for wannabes and never coulds.” Did you happen to watch the USA women’s game preceding the slow pitch game? Or the women’s game that followed the slow pitch game? As a reporter, I’ve covered both high school, college and the women’s USA team when it’s trained at the national training center in Chula Vista. These girls and women are highly skilled athletes, not wannabes and never coulds. And I’ve covered men’s fastpitch as well at the International Softball Congress World Tournament. Many of these ball players come from professional baseball as well. In sport as with many things, we all have our preferences. I happen to have made mine known, as you have as well. Now let’s go to our separate softball diamonds and play it either slow or fast.

  5. Shawn says:

    There are no batter pitcher battles, but until you play something like this, as an infielder, you can never understand how fast those ball are coming at you. There is no way any fastball player can hit the ball that hard. Fastball can be a fun game, but seeing it at a high level, how much fun is a 2-1 game with 10 strikeouts. There are fielders that don’t see a ball for games at a time. In slowpitch, every batter puts the ball in play, and plays have to be made on every one of these. And there are fast players. Outfielders have to cover a bigger field than fastball players, 310 foot fences with 3 outfielders and every ball in play. Infielders have fractions of a second to pick up the ball, make the play, and throw the ball. Yes there are double plays turned, probably as many or more than in fastball. Infielders picking up the ball clean have way more time to turn the play as there is no leading off. And everyone has to be able to hit as there is no bunting allowed.

  6. Bob says:

    Because of the technology in bats and balls, the fastpitch game has changed with resulting higher scores. If you check out the recently completed International Softball Federation World Championships won by Australia, 5-0, over New Zealand, you’ll see that the pitchers aren’t dominating the batters as they once did. And as for boring, the games drew crowds in the 5,000 to 7,000 range.

  7. Bob says:

    Good argument in defense of your sport. You made some strong point. Thanks.

  8. jd says:

    Hey guys, I played fastpitch from 69-75 and played with and against some of the top players in the country. Faced pitchers throwing 90+ out of their hand. I didn’t hit home runs but did hit over 300. I’ve played slowpitch since 76 and still do at age 61. I have never hit a home run in slowpitch. I played A to E when I was younger and up to Major Plus in senior ball. There are top players in both games and to play the game well, you can’t be just average.

  9. Ryan Wood says:


    Just wanted to let you know that I know your thread is 2 years old. I was on the 2010 Team Canada Border Battle Team.

    I have played both fastpitch and slow pitch at the highest level.

    In 2001 i was on the Canadian Junior National Fastpitch team that won a bronze medal in the worlds.

    I’m 5’10 180 lbs and am the slick defensive guy and slap hitter you mentioned were not included in the slowpitch game.

    I would love to tell you both sports have their pros and cons but playing slow pitch at the highest level is not easy.

    Thanks for taking the time to write about the sports.

    Ryan Wood

  10. I guess it’s just a difference in what are you looking for… Fun (Slowpitch) or COMPETITION (Fastpitch).

    Not all of us could make it as a professional baseball player. But the absolute best option to keep your COMPETITIVE sports career alive is Men’s Fastpitch… There is no other challenge like it for the rest of us (you won’t see us smiling and giggling the whole game on a fastpitch field). And if you really feel that competitive fire when you play a long-ball launching game of slowpitch, you never had it in the first place.

    Mike (K-Club Men’s Fastpitch WA)

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