Jefferson Eagles capture Missouri Boys State Fastpitch Championship

Written by Bob on October 5th, 2010

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  1. Joe Avila says:

    What size schools are these and at what age do boys play baseball in Mo.?

  2. Bob says:

    I believe the boys are from about age 15 to 17. The schools are very small and offer Fall softball as an alternative to football, because the enrollment is too small to field a team. Great to see the sport played in high school. If fastpitch was offered in high school, the sport – I believe – would explode in popularity.

  3. Bill Mason says:

    I grew up watching men’s fast pitch softball. A great game. Lived in Springfield and in the 40’s, 50′, and 60 had way over 250 local teams in the park depart leagues. To get all games in leagues were played on 6 nights. Plus, many small towns had leagues, or at least a town team. Those small town teams were very good, the small town boys grew up playing fast pitch Many small high schools played boys fast pitch–it was not a girls game in those times. Springfield hosted the double elimination State Tournament on Labor Day weekend. State champ qualified for the ASA regional tournament. Springfield sent several teams to the ASA Nationals. Would like to see a comeback by men’s fast pitch, a great game to spectate–guick with lots of action . Somewhere down the line slow pitch took over. Too be truthful, slow pitch is not a sport–its a game for mostly overweight beer drinking.

  4. Bob says:

    Great memory and insight into the glory days of Springfield, MO fastpitch, Bill. Thanks for sharing. Men’s fastpitch could make a comeback in the U.S. but it will take the one element that has been stubbornly hard to rejuvenate: teaching youngsters how to pitch. We get younger ball players winging the ball underhanded and we have ourselves a game again. I’ve been to Springfield. Great area. I forget the name of the ball park, but I did see a game played there back in the mid-80s.

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