NAFA Masters 45-Over Las Vegas Tournament Update

Written by Bob on October 6th, 2010

NAFA HEADQUARTERS – The Las Vegas Masters Men’s Fastpitch Softball tournament is looking for more teams and players for the Oct. 23-24, Age 45-Over Tournament.

The teams attending want to play this event, but in liew of a few teams withdrawing a couple more teams, and / or enough free agents are needed to make this event possible.

So sponsors, managers, and players, please ask your players and teammates (age 45 or older) if they would like to attend. This tournament can become a great event, but we need launch it; and the teams that are committed would like a few more teams to join us.

If you have a team that is interested, the coaches have agreed to allow all players to be eligible as long as the are over 45 for this year to get the event off the ground.

In addition, if you have individuals that want to play, I will put two free agent teams together. The cost is $40 per player for the free agent teams.

Contact Benjie Hedgecock at by Friday, October 8th. That is the final day for the cheap (around $200) Vegas 14-day airline tickets. We will make a final decision by that day. But everyone involved really wants to make the “45-Over” happen.

Benjie Hedgecock

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  1. Scott says:

    I am not surprised he is as good as he is. I had the opportunity in college to see his work ethic. Not just for baseball, but cross country too. He is a great athlete.

  2. Bob says:

    Do you mean Tom Crouch or Josh Johnson? In talking to sources, they all agreed, great athletes and getting better with maturity.

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