Johnny’s jumpsuit goes for big cash

Written by Bob on December 7th, 2010

YUCAIPA, CA – Now if you’re a country kinda guy, you probably wear Levi’s or Wrangler’s and denim shirts and button up jackets. Country guys in embroidered jumpsuits – blue no less? I don’t think so.

But apparently if the jumpsuit was once worn by Johnny Cash, it’s in high demand.

I read in the newspaper this morning that THE jumpsuit (I hope there’s only one) worn by country singer Johnny Cash sold at a Beverly Hills auction for a lotta cash – $50,000 – shelled out by a Belgiun bidder. (When did Belgium go Country Western?)

I can understand collectors bidding ferociously for Cash’s Martin guitar (sold for $50,000, too); or his boots that went for $21,875; or a poster that topped out at $25,000. But a blue jumpsuit? $50,000 no less?

I can’t recall that last time I’ve seen a countrified man wearing a jumpsuit. Unless it’s one of those Carhartt or Levi coverall kind that manly-men wear while working on the old pickup truck in the garage, while listening to country tunes like, “I Walk the Line” “Folsom Prison Blues” or maybe even “A Boy Named Sue.”

OK, so now that our lucky Belgium bidder has his prized possession, what does he do with it?

Wear it? But where do country guys hang out in blue embroidered jumpsuits? Hang it in the clothes closet and show it off on special occasions? Or maybe put it in a glass enclosed display case with fancy lighting.

Belgium bidder to visiting guest: “This is Johnny Cash’s jumpsuit. I gotta bargain, only paid $50,000.”

Guest: “Cash? Johnny? The country singing guy? You paid how much? And didn’t he dress in black?”

“Right, right, he was known as the Man in Black. Forgot all about that. Maybe I’ll have it dyed.”

Good choice.

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