A glorious Chamber of Commerce Kind of day

Written by Bob on December 8th, 2010

Photos By JOHN OTTO / Cannon Falls, MN

YUCAIPA, CA – Living in southern California has its perks. Topping the list and the envy of most folks living anywhere northeast of Arizona is our sun-drenched winter months.

Today I raked some leaves, talked leisurely over the fence with my neighbor, and took a walk smartly dressed for the occasion in T-shirt and shorts, soaking up the sun’s generous rays on our little corner of the planet at a perfect 76 degrees.

When I rounded the corner, heading back home, sweat dampened my brow and my dog was panting. Weather-wise, does it get any better anywhere else? Hard to imagine.

Today was perfect for the Chamber of Commerce to extol the virtues of living in Yucaipa. I’m surprised I didn’t spot the executive director snapping photos of the San Bernardino mountains in all their 3-D glory, or of moms and dads playing with their kids at the park – dressed just like me. With the little energized tykes panting from the heat.

My brother John lives in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. He emailed me some pictures of his new truck. But it was buried under so much snow that I couldn’t tell its make or model.

I glanced at the weather section in the newspaper this morning. It’s chart showed that Minneapolis reached a high of 16 yesterday with a low of 10. I just checked the wunderground weather site and right now (7:34 p.m. CST) it’s a -3 in Cannon Falls.


I can assure you that those frigid numbers will frost and shrivel up certain parts of the male body. I know first hand from experience.

I once called Minnesota home – born and raised there before moving to California, my wife and her family’s home turf.

Perks? Yeah we beat the pants off most areas of the country, weather-wise.

But before you Midwesterners, Northerners, and Easterners, pack up and skedaddle westward, let me advise you of our pitfalls.

Perks and pitfalls. We’ve got both.

I avoid like a contagious disease our clogged and dangerous (we’re pretty infamous and probably started the phenomenon called road rage) freeways, and since I’m semi-retired now, I seldom travel further than 30 miles to Fontana or Hemet freelancing for a couple of newspapers.

So I’m lucky. I get to avoid that stressful hassle.

But my wife Nan, not so much.

She drives 85 miles round trip to her office in Palm Springs. Last week a truck overturned on Interstate 10, backing up traffic that stretched for miles upon miles. Her hour and a half commute lasted five hours.

Nan considers herself lucky. She didn’t have any bathroom urges that couldn’t be forestalled, she didn’t hear any gunfire, and she had plenty of gas to idle away the hours, while at a standstill.

Sunshine, yeah it’s great for retired, old bones like mine. But if you’re still a working stiff, our 14.5 % unemployment should give you second thoughts about packing up for sunny, southern Cal. There’s no work here.

But if you still insist upon enjoying some of our sunshine, I gladly send some Chamber of Commerce pictures.

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  1. John Otto says:

    Hi Bob,
    Just a weather update. We got about 17″ of snow yesterday, just finished snowblowing my and my neighbors driveways. Thank goodness for snowblowers and 4 wheel drive trucks, with those conveniences, it makes winter kind of fun. Supposed to be about 13 degrees below zero tomorrow morning, glad I’ll be working indoors.

  2. Bob says:

    I covered the Hemet Tinsel Triathalon today. Must have been 80 degrees. Gotta a little sunburned.

  3. Bev Davidson says:

    Nothing like rubbing it in. Come on home for Christmas!!!

  4. Bob says:

    I would but Nan burned my long johns, she said they had too many holes in them and wouldn’t stand one more winter of “bitter cold” southern California weather. 🙂

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