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  1. Ernest Salazar says:

    I’m trying to let boys and young men that fast pitch is the most exciting game i have ever played, i played short stop in mems fast pitch and made me better than i was in baseball, fast pitch is so quick and fast base looks fells slower,it realy makes young men to under stand that they are so quick it improves your eyes your hands and your bat to be able to play play Pro ball. Any men out their that can show boys and young men under stand they can play baseball,and fast pitch at the same time and help their base game 30 or 40 % it’s that quick, women batting avreage is 400 to 600 my average was 3 for 4, 3 for 4 4 for 4 no team waned me to be the batter at the end of the game, i put all the presure on my self and won the games ro lost and practiced more to win the next game. I learned to pitch by my self throwing 2000 balls ady for over 15 years ans i can still pitch drop balls, riseballs curve balls kuncle balls screw balls and change ups. My pitcher Won the 12 & under fast pitch little league World Series in 2012 with the screw ball i taught her at 10 years old . Her dad gave me no credit, but i know what i teach, and i can teach young men quicker. because girl’s are afraid to hit batters and young men under stand it’s the batters fault if the batter don;t get out of the way, I have to much to talk about fast pitch soft, if your players need help and you can help me to bring up mens fast pitch. Call me please at(505)453-2340 Albuquerque New Mexico. I can fix any pitch or batter over the phone or watching their video CALL THE FAST PITCH WHISPERER. I want to help the best game i ever played

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