Haskell Commencement Indian Men’s Fast Pitch Tournament

Written by Bob on April 4th, 2011

Get in on the action, play men’s fastpitch softball!

LAWRENCE, KS – The Annual Haskell Commencement Indian Men’s Fastpitch Softball Tournament will be held on May 14-15 at the Clinton Lake Sports Complex in Lawrence, Kansas.

Entry deadline is May 10.

Classification: ASA C and B.

Format: Double Elimination

For entry form and information, please contact the following tournament officials:

*Sherry Girty: sherry.girty@haskell.edu or 785-979-5501
*Lou Edith Hara: lhara@haskell.edu 785-749-8404 x. 251 (work)
*Kerry Cuny: kcuny@haskell.edu 785-979-1771 (cell phone)
*Alta Cobell-Pewenofkit: acobell@haskell.edu or 785-218-4950 (cell phone)

This the 17th year of this highly competitive tournament, so please enter now (especially non-Indian teams) with the tournament just one month away.

“We currently have a Native American preference of teams out of Oklahoma, Texas, South Dakota, Kansas, New Mexico,” said Sherry Girty by email. “In the past we have allowed Mexican-American teams to enter and our Native American teams enjoy the competition. We are looking for about five additional non-Indian teams.”

It’s called “fastpitch” because the ball doesn’t come to the plate slow-pitch.

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  1. Melvin Eagle III says:

    We traveled from South Dakota past 5+ years its been a good tournament Great teams from the united states and alot of good competition…we will be looking to play again in may sherry please send me a email with tournament info thank you…

  2. manuel hernandez kcmo Angels says:

    would like to attend if we can have some teams u think can attend kcmo tournament May 28th @ 29th also what is the entry fee

  3. Rynold Pettit says:

    Did y’all have the men’s fastpitch softball tournament?

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